Eat This: Lose Weight – Particularly Pleasing Peach Parfait

On July 5, 2013 by Janice Taylor

Just in case you pigged out on the 4th of July and are feeling bloated, guilty–dare I say it–you’re feeling fat (oh no, I didn’t!), then here is an amazingly sweet, delish dish (healthy, too!) that I serve for breakfast or lunch–sometimes, as dessert–that is likely to get you back on track, on the proverbial weight loss wagon and help you to lose weight!

EAT THIS: LOSE WEIGHT  (woo hoooooo)
Dishes from your Dysfunctional Chef that Delight the Satisfy as they Stir the Imagination

Sweetly Satisfying Pleasing Peach Parfait
two servings / approx. 250 calories (non-scientific count)

1 peach or nectarine, sliced nice

1/4 cup granola (Here is the first of the tricky parts to the calorie count–depending on which granola you choose, whose count greatly varies!  So…for goodness sake, Read. The. Label, already, would you!)

1/2 cup low fat natural, Greek yogurt.  (Again, depending on the yogurt, the calorie count can change, because the difference in calories from 0% to 2% to full fat is significant, soooo…repeat after me “Read. The. Label.”)

1 Tablespoon Jam (Oh yes, here I go again!  Low sugar vs. full sugar can be a 30 calorie or more difference.  “Read. The. Label.” — Oh and by the way, I prefer low sugar jam to no sugar with artificial sweetener.  I don’t much like the taste, but your taste buds and mine are not the same–obviously.  Whatever you decide– “Read. The. Label.”)

1 Tablespoon Fruit Juice, freshly squeezed OJ works well!

With your wits about you, and sharp knife in hand, slice open the peach and remove the pit.  Slice peach into thin slices or cube it, whatever you like!

(Thinking that maybe you want to grow a peach tree with the pit?  Maybe, and I mean maybe, if you plant the pit, a peach tree may grow.   It’s possible!  And I love living in possibility!  It takes a good (vs. bad) three years to grow enough to begin to produce fruit.  And it’s likely that the fruit that grows on your tree will not resemble the peach that you buy in your market.  Try it and be sure to let us know–three years from now–what happens!)

After you ponder the possibilities of growing a tree from the pit…
…Divide the peach slices into two tall glasses or short ones, just make them there glasses aesthetically pleasing.  Save a few slices to top your creation!

(Anthology House is one of my favorite places to shop for reasonably priced vintage goods. Bookmark them for sure and periodically check out their goods.  Remember, shopping burns calories and keeps you out of the kitchen.  And–OMG–getting packages delivered from the mailman makes me want to sing!)

Sprinkle the granola on top of the peaches.  Again, warning!!! Granola or any crunchy cereal will do, and calories here are deceiving!  Still, you want to put enough in the mix to create that oh-so satisfying crunch!

Top with yogurt.  Half in each glass.  (I don’t need to remind you over and over again that we’re making two of these, and to divide everything in two, do I???)

Stir the jam and that one tablespoon of oh-so important juice together.  Drizzle over yogurt.

Artistically, with flair, to music maybe, place remaining “decorative” peach slices on top!

Eat slowly!  One spoonful at a time.  Savor the flavor.  Enjoy…
…this sweetly satisfying peach parfait!

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Spread the word–NOT the icing,

Janice Taylor
Life & Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert
Wise * Fun * Utterly Useful

Dictated by Our Lady of Weight Loss, but not read:  excuse typos!

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