Eat This: Lose Weight – Zucchini Noodles and Garbanzo Bean Salad

I’ve gone mad with power, “spiralizing” my way through the kitchen.   Cucumber...

26th Jul
Eat Healthy! w/ Janice Taylor, your favorite Dysfunctional Chef.

Eat This: Lose Weight – Particularly Pleasing Peach Parfait

Just in case you pigged out on the 4th of July and...

05th Jul

Eat This: Lose Weight – Don’t Cry Onion Tart

Are you looking for the best Father’s Day recipe ever?  Something good...

14th Jun
dysfunctional chef

Eat This: Lose Weight – Cinco de Mayo Salsa n’ Tacos

Last week’s EAT THIS: LOSE WEIGHT recipe featured a delightfully delicious Cinco...

03rd May
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This, Lose Weight: Cinco de Mayo Beans n’ Rice

Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862...

26th Apr
Cinco de Mayo by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist (making art about food instead of eating it)

Eat This, Lose Weight: Moroccan Lentils

Early yesterday, I “dressed up” in no less than six (6) layers,...

09th Feb
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat: Thanksgiving Lentil Pâté

Last Thanksgiving, for a change of pace, I whipped up “Janny’s Lentil...

16th Nov
Holiday Angels

Eat: Need a Lift? Down a Stuffed Mushroom!

Need a lift? Down a Stuffed Mushroom! Studies have shown that those...

02nd Nov
dysfunctional chef
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