Janice’s Story

The Secret to Janice Taylor’s 50 Pound Weight Loss

One day I woke up FAT! I mean really FAT.

To be clear, it wasn’t the first time that I’d woken up fat. In fact, I was born fat. I was the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight (babies traditionally lose an ounce or two their first week on the planet – but not me)! An ominous sign! And by the time second grade rolled around, I weighed-in at 112 pounds. YIKES! It was Yo-Yo City from there on in.

Now back to the morning of all mornings! On this history making morning, when I woke up fat, I was discombobulated (more than usual). After I showered, instead of grabbing the towel and then my glasses, I grabbed my glasses and passed a full-length mirror on the way to the towel.

Get the picture? I did!

I was shocked to see that my fat roll had grown its own fat roll. I could no longer ignore the fact that the fat monster had once again taken over. I had to stop HIM in his tracks!  Right then and there (after I painstakingly picked out the lightest weigh-in outfit I could find), I dragged myself to one of those weight loss centers where people obsess about food and the scale. (You know the place I’m talking about, yes?)

I was depressed, defeated and deprived before I even weighed-in; and then, when I did weigh in…Whoa Nelly!  It was, indeed, my highest number ever.

I joined the group for the lecture. As the tears made their way down my cheek, I thought, “I’m never going to make it.” That’s when I heard the voice, which I later came to realize was the voice of Our Lady of Weight Loss.

She said, “If you think you’re never going to make it, you never will.”

Now, I suppose we all pretty much know that our actions follow our thoughts, but when Our Lady spoke those words to me, it felt as though I had been hit over the head with a Zen celery stick. I was AWAKENED!

I shifted from deep despair to happy and excited! Our Lady of Weight Loss had snap-crackle-popped my mind into a new place. I realized that I no longer needed to be depressed, hate myself or be mean to myself over extra fat cells, or over a number on the scale.

I let it go. And when I let it go, when I stopped being mean to myself, when I practiced forgiveness, I was able to move on and let go of the excess weight.

Be kind to yourself.  Let go.

Spread the word, NOT the icing!


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