What Is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool that can bring about change in one’s behaviors, beliefs and feelings.

Our minds function on both conscious and unconscious levels.  Hypnosis works by updating the unconscious mind with new and more helpful information, like reprogramming a computer.  With regard to weight loss the evidence is conclusive…hypnosis does help people reduce.

“The purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being.” – The Mayo Clinic

How Can Janice Help You?

Janice skillfully and succinctly zeroes in on her client’s specific needs.  She then brings him/her to a place of deep relaxation, and through hypnotic language and creative visualization techniques rooted in positive psychology, she embeds new and positive beliefs that can effect tremendous change.

“Can hypnosis help you lose weight?  I’m 32 pounds lighter.” – Ira Allen, Center for the Advancement of Health – Washingtonian

What Can Hypnosis Be Used For?

Hypnosis is a highly regarded technique, which has been embraced by physicians, psychologists, coaches and counselors. It is a safe and effective way to:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your health
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Boost creativity and productivity
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Relieve stress
  • Treat medical conditions

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Yes.  Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon.  Most of us have had the experience at one time or another of becoming so engaged (focused) in a book or television program or other activity that we lose awareness of things going on around us.  It has been proposed by recent researchers that we all enter into hypnosis at least once every 45 minutes or so.

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“I was 100% positive that Janice would not be able to hypnotize me.  I was 100% wrong.  She worked her magic on me, and I am better (and thinner) for it.” – Wendi M, Kansas City, MO

“Janice’s hypnotic-meditations are a game changer.  The inner-battle, the inner-dialogue that led me astray is gone.  Imagine that!” – Victoria B, Canada

“I am now a believer in hypnosis and Janice.   I lightened up in ways I never thought possible.  The best investment I’ve ever made in me!” ~ Catherine Q, S.C.

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For more info or to schedule a free consult, contact Janice Taylor.
/ 917.312.0005

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