Dysfunctional Chef: WARNING-One MUST HARD BOIL their Eggs Correctly!

While perusing and cruising the vast world of food and recipes, I...

12th Sep
Hard Boiled?  from Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Life Coach, Weight Loss and WeightLessNess Expert, Author, Artist, Positarian

Eat This: Lose Weight – Zucchini Noodles and Garbanzo Bean Salad

I’ve gone mad with power, “spiralizing” my way through the kitchen.   Cucumber...

26th Jul
Eat Healthy! w/ Janice Taylor, your favorite Dysfunctional Chef.

#EatTHIS: #LoseWEIGHT – 5 Yum #FlatNotFat Belly Chili

This recipe, Flat not Fat Belly Chili, is one of my favorites,...

22nd Feb
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This: Lose Weight – A Righteously Roasted Vegetable Stew

I went wild at the supermarket yesterday, filling up my cart with...

31st Jan
antioxidant girl

Eat This: Lose Weight – Thanksgiving Latkes, a MUST!

Bubala, sweetheart, darling, did you know that the first day of the...

16th Nov
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This: Lose Weight – Curried Chicken Salad

Who doesn’t love a great tasty one bowl dish?  For sure, this...

08th Nov
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This: Lose Weight – Perfectly Pumpkin Pudding

For whatever reason, probably because Our Lady of Weight Loss encouraged me...

18th Oct
dysfunctional chef copy

Kick Tush Tuesday: 4 Bites to Holiday Weight Loss

Dearest Tushkateers!  My head is spinning.   Today is the 15th of...

15th Oct
The 4 Bite Rule - by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

Eat This: Lose Weight – Cold Cucumber Soup

This Dysfunctional Chef has been experimenting with cold cucumber soup. Woo Hoo,...

16th Aug
dysfunctional chef copy
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