Weekly JigSaw WeightLoss Puzzle: Pink Antidote to Emotional Eating?

On October 15, 2012 by Janice Taylor

Our Lady of Hot Pink Prayers by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist


Are you ready to click through your  Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, entitled Our Lady of Hot Pink Prayers?

Did you know that pink is the color of love and affection?  And, an antidote to sadness?  And, quite possibly, an antidote to emotional eating?

As you click through this week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle: Our Lady of Hot Pink Prayers, visualize yourself wrapped in a soft pink blanket, with hot pink threads woven through it.

Feel the love.  Feel the affection.  Get Happy!!!

And bonus y’all, now you can share the love, share the affection in postcard form. Send this Get Jiggy Weight Loss Puzzle as a postcard!

Click and Burn Calories:  Our Lady of Hot Pink Prayers, jigsaw puzzle!
Click and Send as Postcard to a Friend: Our Lady of Hot Pink Prayers, postcard!

Remember – burning clicks calories and Our Lady’s JigSaw Puzzles keep both your hands and your mind busy!


Spread the word … NOT the icing,

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