Water: Nature’s Cure-All?

On October 8, 2014 by Janice Taylor

Could it be possible?  Is Water Nature’s Cure-All?  Read on, drink in and cure all!

Did you know…that aside from quenching your thirst, drinking the right amount of water can benefit your overall health in countless other ways?

From aiding weight loss to boosting productivity, let’s look at how water can improve your health.

Did you know that…
We Are Water? Okay, mostly water!

We are 60% water.
Our blood is 92% water.
Our brain—73% water.
Our heart—73% water.
Our lungs—83% water.
Our skin—64% water.
Our muscles–79% water.
Our kidneys—79% water.
Our bones—31% water.

For full details on water and the benefits of water, including but not limited to weight loss, boosting brain power and productivity, preventing tiredness, visit Master of Health Administration who so graciously supplied me with the graphics and the information!

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