Motivational Musings: The Psychology of Body Esteem

On May 11, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Our body image (a.k.a. body esteem) is the picture we have of our physical body. It is an inner view of our outer self. It is formed by our awareness, imagination and emotions. It is ever shifting. Our body esteem not only depends upon our pant size or the number that registers on the “scales of injustice,” it can also shift depending on our mood, the environment, as well as the who, what and where of the day.

In other words, how we feel about our self and our body is psychological in nature. Our body image is NOT based on fact. It is learned.

Body image primarily comes to us from the dictates of culture. Advertisers and the media as well as our family and peers have manipulated our images of beauty.

Body-esteem is linked to self-esteem. Studies show that body image makes up about 25 percent of our self-esteem. If we are happy with our bodies, we are likely to move through the day with confidence and grace. If we are unhappy, our body language reflects this state.

When negative thoughts about your body surface, remember:

Body-esteem is subjective.
Body-esteem is ever shifting.
Body-esteem is psychological in nature.
Body-esteem is not based on fact.
Body-esteem is learned.
Body image makes up about 25 percent of our self-esteem.

Proceed with confidence!
Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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