#KickTush Tuesday: Weighty PROMISES???

On February 3, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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We are one month into the New Year. One month into our resolutions. One month into our promises.

That’s right. We promised ourselves a myriad of things, which may include: to lose weight, to exercise more, to de-clutter, to stop smoking…to walk the straight and narrow.

We promised to get our act together in some way, shape or form.

And which each promise, you experienced a burst of hope followed by a wave of excitement and elation; didn’t you?

Your intentions are good but sooner or later – as soon as you hit an unavoidable bump in the road – self-doubt sets in and your inner-critic pipes up.

“I knew you couldn’t do it.”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good.”

(Am I right, or am I right?!)

Sooner or later your river of hope and enthusiasm runs dry, and you return to your “default setting.” The old habits return, take hold and there you are and here you go again.

Please take a moment to think about what it means to make a promise to yourself.   When you make a promise to another and deliver, they have faith in you. When you don’t fulfill your promise, your integrity plummets and you feel rotten to the core.

When you promise yourself something and you deliver, you are happy with yourself, you have faith in yourself, you trust yourself, you love yourself; and when you do not deliver, your feelings about yourself plummet.

Would you say that you feel a real sense of sadness, a sense of loss and betrayal?

Before we repeat the past, which is exactly what we don’t want to do (we want this time to be different, don’t we?! ), let’s do a little exploration.

If you are going to promise something to yourself, make sure that it comes from the heart, and that you have enough energy and enthusiasm to deliver this promise.

If you do not want to make a promise to yourself, then do not! It’s your choice.

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