#KickTush Tuesday: Under Attack? Feeling Peeved?

On October 7, 2014 by Janice Taylor

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Are you under attack? Every so often, someone says something to me about my newly found thinness that is upsetting and sends me reeling.

Yes, it’s been nearly thirteen–lucky 13–years since I permanently removed over 50 pounds, but it still feels “newly found.” Until I have lived more years thin than fat I shall consider myself newly thin.

Attacks have been made on my weigh-of-life.  Some people are critical of my eating style, some critical of my tight jeans, and some lash out over my arched eyebrows.

Danger: Emotional Spill, Do Not Enter!
I suspect that the attacker is more than likely overcome by a flurry of uncomfortable feelings. If the aggressor feels threatened by your new lifestyle, your new svelteness, your beauty, your calm, your fabulousness or just by the very fact that something has changed, they may lash out. Their emotions might spill over and out!

What to do? Take six steps back and walk away.

Step 1: Stay cool man, real cool. – No point in escalating the negative vibes.
Step 2: How someone feels about you or what they say about you is actually  none of your business. It’s all happening in their head, in that space between their ears.  Therefore, it belongs to them, not you!
Step 3: Do NOT counter attack. If you feel compelled to say something, simply express how you felt when they said what they said. You do not want to escalate the “war.”
Step 4: Take in a deep breath.
Step 5: Smile.
Step 6: Walk away.

Remember, you cannot control other people’s actions, but you can control your response to their actions~

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