#KickTush Tuesday: The May Pole Factor-How Can -or- Why Can’t She Lose It?

On April 30, 2013 by Janice Taylor

Greetings!  Get thy May Pole out of storage, Tushkateers! May Day is swiftly upon us.  It is time to grab hold of the ribbon and dance! Yes?!  It may be well worth the effort.  Not just for the sheer joy of it, but also because of the May Pole dancer’s ability to burn calories!!!

If you are busy calculating and considering this as a form of exercise (and why not?!), know that as with any physical activity, the number of calories burned depends upon a number of factors, including but not limited to the length of time you prance and dance around your pole as well as the intensity of this activity.  An advanced pole dancer, whose cardio and strength abilities are solid, and well–advanced–she who puts heavy demands on the body’s energy systems, can burn at the rate of 800+ calories per hour.  Or, 400 per half hour; or 200 per 15 minutes.

Which brings me to an e-mail I received from Rebeka, who wants to know how she can move from weighing 58 kgs (127.868 pounds) to 57 kgs (125.663 pounds).  Exercise more? Eat less?  Or maybe…just BE?


Dear Our Lady of Weight Loss (a.k.a. Janice),  I have been a member of the Kick in the Tush Club, reading your blogs and tips to live a healthy and joyous life, for the last 4 years or so.

In general, I am a healthy person. I am 45 years-young. I am petite (5 feet 3 inches), and right now I weigh 60 kg (132.277 pounds).  I sleep well, walk 3 to 5 km (1 to 3 miles) four times a week.  I eat whole and fresh food, veggies, and I drink water. I cook almost every day, from scratch.  I listen to my body, for example: I do not eat unless I get a signal from my body that the body is hungry.

My question is why can’t I be 57 kg (125.663 pounds) ? I have been trying for the last 2 years but no luck. I did yoga, had a personal trainer for 6 months, yet my weight would not go below 58 kg.  AND, it was hard work to go down to that weight (58 kg). I want to be 57 kg? How can I be? Can Our Lady of Weight Loss tell me how?  Love, Rebeka

Dear Rebeka,  Before we consider your weighing 57 kgs, I have a few questions for you to answer:

What will being 57 kg (125.663 pounds) give you that you do not otherwise have–specifically at 58 kgs (127.868 pounds) or even 60 kgs (132.277 pounds)?

Once you answer that question, the next thing you must do is question that question.

Are you sure?  How do you know that to be true?

Will you be any healthier?  Wiser? Happier? More joyous?

Could it be that 60 kgs. is the perfect weight for you? 

Is it possible that you do not need to lose not even a kilo, not even a pound, not even an ounce? 

How can you happily, easily and effortlessly mainain 60 kgs?

I suspect that this is not the answer that you were looking for, but there it is, dictated to me by OLWL.  She very much wants you, in particular, because you are NOT fat, nor are you out of shape, nor are you eating junk food galore, to consider that you are fine, actually perfectly imperfect or perfectly perfect (however you want to experience perfection/imperfection) the way you are.  You are beautiful.

Answer those questions and if you still want to lose weight, please get back to me, and we’ll talk! Oh…and yes, get thy May Pole out and dance!  :)

We (OLWL and I) thank you for your email; we thank you for being a Tushkateer, for reading, ingesting and enjoying the KITT Club newsletter.

Tushkateers, what do you think?  Please weigh-in here or on the Facebook/KITT Club page!

Spread the word–NOT the icing!


PS:  Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos!  IMPERFECTIONS Galore!!!!

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