#KickTush Tuesday – Cultivating Happiness: 7 Ways to Kick Fear on Its Tush

On July 8, 2014 by Janice Taylor

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Being happy takes courage. It can feel scary to imagine good things, to think happy thoughts. I suspect that there have been times in our lives that feeling fantastic, excited and happy to our core was quickly followed by fear. Trepidation washes over you and you think, “If things are good, then bad can’t be far behind.”

Whether this is true or not, and I suspect sometimes bad does follow good, this type of thinking only serves to cultivate fear, send waves of anxiety through the body, and it robs us of the happiness that is, in the moment, ripe for the taking.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could flip the model? Instead of being uncomfortable with happiness; how about we toss fear on its tush?   To be clear, I’m not saying that life doesn’t have its challenges, and I’m not suggesting that we should be happy idiots.

It’s just that studies show that people who have a happier perspective, a more positive outlook on things do live longer. A positive attitude can open doors, create opportunity and increase possibility.

Cultivating happiness can help you to create the life that you deserve.

Here, Cultivating Happiness: 7 Ways to Kick Fear on Its Tush, Toss it to the curb…

  1. Think Good. When things are bad think, “If things are bad then good can’t be far behind.”
  2. Make Happy Breathing a Habit. When things are good, breathe in and connect to the happy feelings. Again and again and again, until breathing happiness is an automatic response, until it becomes your habit.
  3. Be Grateful. You will be amazed just how powerful it is when you focus in on that for which you are grateful. Gratitude is the ultimate happiness fertilizer.
  4. Offer Kindness. They say that it is more powerful to give than to receive. Try it and watch your happiness double.       Hold the elevator, generously give a genuine compliment, share your fruit salad and see what smiles can happen.
  5. Go Outside. 20 minutes of energizing light daily stimulates your skin to produce vitamin D, which helps build strong bones, can help to protect your heart, and can help to ward off depression.
  6. Release the Endorphins. You may have heard the expression, “a runner’s high.” Well, no doubt when we exercise, when we move our bodies, endorphins are released which triggers positive feelings in the body, which produces a positive and energizing outlook on life.
  7. Drink Water. Did you know that your body is made up of 75% water, as well as your brain? Imagine then what happens to your body, to your thinking and your mood when dehydrated. Soda, lemonade, flavored drinks are not substitutes for water. Drink up!For more happiness, tune into Our Lady of Weight Loss, she who helps to alleviate weightiness/heaviness of all kinds!For (almost) daily motivational musings :) from our country’s premiere Anti-Gravity Coach, Janice Taylor (that’s me), join Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Kick in the Tush Club/FB!

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