Kick Tush Tuesday: Are we having Weight Loss Fun yet? Try a Non-Piggy Bank!

On June 11, 2013 by Janice Taylor

Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. ~ Anne Frank

Good Day Tushkateers!  Greetings, Salutations, Happy June and more!

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since last we met!  There was the Memorial Day weekend; followed by a rather long trip to Tucson, and then–OMG–a jaunty expedition to Virginia! 

And now, just back, I sit, alternating between staring, gazing in a somewhat stupefied state out my New York City window, enjoying the music of the hustle and bustle, as the honks, sirens, people “talking,” all sounds make their way up the side of the building, into my home office; and writing a sentence or two of this morning’s KICK. (I’d call it a high-rise, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration, as there are only 9 floors.)

I am doing my best to orient myself via caffeine. Talk about writing in ‘real time,’ can you feel the stupefied part of me beginning to wake up?’  I can, holy goodness, mercy mercy me.  :)

Oh and Yes, it’s coffee time, which—btw—reminds me of an article that I posted last week on my FB page.  Link below.  FIRST read this:

The Meaty Portion—or rather the Porky Portion of this week’s KICK:
Last week, while I was traveling about, I did talk to a client who was “struggling,” in need of a cup of motivation and inspiration!  (Who isn’t?)  Let’s call her Mary! 

After talking it through with Mary and identifying that “sweets” are a red light food, a major-league trigger that keep her from fitting into her svelte clothes as well as purchasing a much coveted Eileen Fisher outfit, we—together—remembered and embraced the “Non-Piggy Bank” Pious Project from Our Lady’s book:  Our Lady of Weight Loss:  Mysterious and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal.

Here is the Non-Piggy Bank excerpt from Our Lady of Weight Loss’s book.  Read and ingest now, please, slowly.  Word by word!

I must have said and continue to say “No, thank you” to offers of food about eight zillion times a day.  No!  I am NOT exaggerating!  You’d think the scales of injustice would be appreciative of my efforts and automatically reward me.  Yet, if I cave—even just once—to the sweet temptation of a hot fudge sundae, all my righteous efforts are sugared and fattened away.

I wanted a reward!  So, I made a non-piggy bank and paid myself one dollar for each and every non-piggy no thank you I uttered.  When my non-piggy is filled with cash, I count it joyfully and either go for a manicure or buy lipstick.

My non-piggy bank changed the focus on my no-thank-yous from deprivation to fun!  I started looking for people to offer me things.

“Aren’t you going to offer me some of that key lime pie?” I asked a friend, whom I’d irrationally labeled a food pusher the week before.  She looked at me quizzically and apprehensively inquired, “Would you like a slice of pie?”

“Non merci, je suis a la diete,” I cheerfully answered in French, adding another level of flavor to my no-thank-you.  I kept count of my no-thank-yous, and when I got home that night, I had twenty extra no-thank-you bucks to add to my jar!! (I borrowed the money from my husband.) (End of Excerpt)

If you are wondering how this is working for Mary, I can tell you with certainty that it is working extremely well!  Yesterday, Mary wrote me, reporting in. Thus far, since our session, she has accumulated a fair sum of No-Thank-You-Bucks, but has opted to wait to spend it; until she has enough money to buy the entire E.F. outfit!  Good for Mary!

Mary is ‘out there’ looking for people to offer non-Our Lady-Approved-Foods to her, just so she can say, “No, thank you!” 

Oh my, that reminds me of a post I wrote some time ago, how to say “no thank you in various languages.  Link below.  First, seriously, re-read the above and think about how you can make weight loss fun.  How saying “No, thank you” can be a joy, not a punishment from God!

If you want the instructions on how to make a Non-Piggy Bank, write me and I will send them to you!   Write: Non-Piggy Bank” in the subject line, and commit!

Say….“Yes, I will deposit  a dollar (or a quarter, or a dime, or a $20 bill–depending upon the size your pocketbook) into my Non-Piggy Bank with every no-thank-you.   My first purchase (I know that this is a first in a long line of purchases to motivate and inspire) will be _________.”  Got it?   Get specific!  Details, please. 

And sure, it would be easier for me to just include the instructions or even tell you to buy the book–which is not a bad idea, you know (if you haven’t, click here and purchase, on sale for ridiculously low amount of moohla and you can cut and paste the pictures of OLofWL all over the place, for real, if you are so redisposed!), but instead I ask you to make a real commitment, so I am going the extra “dollar” so to speak.

Put the specifics on paper.
Make a commitment.
Make it real!  …. Make it work!

See y’all next week!  That’s the plan, unless the Universe, the Great Mystery, G_d, God or Mary has a different plan for me; which seems to happen more often than it used to! I go where sent! :)

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Spread the word–NOT the icing!

Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos! 

PS:  Coffee LINK: This is Your Brain on Coffee, NY Times
No Thank You!!! in various languages

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