Coach Yourself Thinnish: Lose WHAt?

On March 11, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Is there anything you might lose as a result of achieving your goal, weight loss or otherwise (other than excess weight)?

In other words, are there any reasons (good or otherwise) not to change? Is there something that you fear you will no longer have if you achieve your goal?

Are you concerned that your current set of friends might not want to hang out with you if you were to achieve your weight loss goals, career goals, relationship goals, healthy living goals? Are you concerned that your current life will no longer “fit” you?

If these concerns or fears are buried; if you are not consciously in touch with them, the unconscious may fight against your achieving your goals

Meditate on these questions.
Think through.
Answer on paper. (Old school style…so you can hear the scratch.)
Work though concerns.
Keep moving toward your goals!

See if you can keep the positive aspects of your current life in tact, as you move toward achieving that which you want to achieve. Don’t let your fears dictate your actions!

Sometimes it’s that simple!

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