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Did you hear? Old Navy is selling plus sized women’s clothing at a significant markup. “What about men’s clothing,” you ask?  No, there’s no mark-up for big men, only for plus-sized women.

Gap Inc, its owner, says that the materials used for women are more expensive. I say, “Really, Gap? The materials cost more for women but not for men? Based on that ‘logic,’ then why aren’t you charging significantly less for petite sized women?”

Plus-sized women, what do you think? Are you willing to pay $12 to $15 more per pant? Are you ready to join the more than 16,000 people who have signed a petition calling for an end to “discriminatory pricing practices?”

Even if I were to believe what Gap Inc. says about the “why” of it all, I suspect that the mark-up is greater than it needs to be and they are doing it just because their market research says that plus-sized women are willing to pay more.  So, yes, I confess, I am peeved.  It smells like more discrimination against larger women and more corporate greed, to me.  My opinion.

If you have an opinion, Our Lady of Weight Loss wants to know!  Weigh-in Below!  Unless, unless, unless you are going to say something against, something mean, something insensitive to and/or about larger women.  There was a bit of that at the end of the original article (see link below), which I found even more upsetting than corporate greed.

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