Chewing the Fat: Hurt, Defeated, Depressed

On January 15, 2014 by Janice Taylor

Dear Our Lady of Weight Loss,   I just turned 60.  After ten years of lifting weights and lots of walking, I let myself “go,” as in I am out of shape.  And, sadly, the weight that I worked so hard to remove is finding its way back.

I tried to get back into the exercise routine that I established ten years ago, but my body parts get “hurt,” and then I am grounded for a week.

Is there a book, an article, something—anything, that can help me to start an exercise program again?  A program that will not hurt the 60 year old, out of shape me, who so desperately wants to get back in shape?

It’s depressing, you know, to have once had “it” but now lost it.  I want to be stronger again; I want to do harder hikes, longer hikes here in Arizona.  Just doing a 30 minute walk feels wimpy.

I need some encouragement.  Thanks!  ~ Sadly Hurting, M. from AZ.


Dear Sadly Hurting,  I feel your pain, both physical and emotional. And I applaud your wanting to get back into shape, your “I can” attitude.  It’s clear that you are not going to quit, you are not throwing in the towel, you are determined and you will find your way back to a healthier you. Good for you!!!

My advice is simple:

Meet yourself where you are.  Not where you were; not where you want to be.  Meet yourself where you are in your life right now.  Let go of the past; don’t worry about the future.

Stretch.  There are a number of books that illustrate chair yoga and simple stretching techniques.  While stretching, let your body know how much you appreciate her; practice gratitude with every stretch.

Be consistent.  Whether you walk for 10 minutes without pain or more or less, just do that.  Every day.  And maybe in a week or two or three, when you are truly ready, increase your walk by a few minutes.

Trekking Pole.  I am familiar with the wonderful Arizona hiking trails, from easy to moderate to difficult, and I find that using one of those hiking poles, trekking poles, walking sticks (call it what you will) is helpful.  Have you tried one?

Stay Hydrated.  You might be surprised (but maybe not as you live in Arizona, so you know how important water is) that staying seriously hydrated helps.  Are you packing water

Rest.  Check in with your body and need be, sit down on a rock and rest.

Get out of your head; enjoy nature!   Stop listening to your thoughts.  They’re not real.  They come and go with the clouds.  Focus on the beauty of your walk; pay attention to nature.

And once again, meet yourself where you are, not where you were, not where you want to be.  Where you are now is the perfect place to continue your journey!

I hope that helps!  Please keep us in your loop.

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Spread the word–NOT the icing,

Janice Taylor, Life & Happiness Coach, Author, Artist, Positarian
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