70 Wants: What do YOU Really, Really WANT?

On July 16, 2014 by Janice Taylor

Want Power by Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Author, Artist

Knowing that zeroing in on what you really, really want most definitely will help you to manifest it, I asked a gaggle of Tushkateers (members of Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Kick in the Tush Club) to dig deep and “tell me what you want“.

As you can see, the range of wants is wide.  From living in possibility to red ruby slippers.  From Santa-Fe Style Home to Permanent Weight Loss.  From love, hope, peace to singing country!

Now I am asking YOU to dig deep and to add to the list!  You can comment below, or on the Kick in the Tush Club/FB page.  Or you can write me and I will add to the list for you.

I (as in YOU) WANT to:

  1. Live in Possibility
  2. Be Excited
  3. Say YES!
  4. Live In the Moment
  5. Own (and live in) a Santa-Fe Style Home, On an Acre, With the Most Incredible Mountain View
  6. Float in Ecstasy on Warm Waters that Soothe
  7. Fully Appreciate the Song of the Birds
  8. Like Myself, Maybe Even Love Myself
  9. Drive the Highways, Top Down, Radio Blasting
  10. Be In Control of My Thoughts
  11. Live a Long and Healthy Life
  12. Be a Country Singer
  13. Have Fulfilling, Fun, Loving Relationships
  14. Feel An Integral Part of Life, NOT just like a Moon Orbiting Around It
  15. Trust Myself
  16. Wear Cowgirl Boots that Sparkle
  17. Eat Less, Love More
  18. Practice Loving-Kindness
  19. Feel Safe Again
  20. Play An Instrument
  21. Pour a Glitter Floor
  22. Like What I See In the Mirror
  23. Be Strong and Sexy
  24. Feel Joy Again
  25. Stop Hurting
  26. Harvest Sweet Grapes from the Grapevines that Thrive 10 Feet from My Wall
  27. Paint Beautiful Landscapes
  28. Permanently Remove the Excess Weight
  29. Freedom from Obsessing About Food
  30. Be a Songwriter
  31. Peace of Mind
  32. End Nighttime Eating
  33. Do Something Extraordinary
  34. Stop Second Guessing Myself
  35. Grow Flowers, Here, There and Everywhere
  36. Stop Caring What Other people Think
  37. Experience My Body as Sacred
  38. Sprinkle Seeds of Hope
  39. Remove the Layers of Sadness in One Fell Swoop
  40. Look Forward to Something
  41. Work Less, Play More
  42. Be Seen
  43. Allow My Authentic Self to Surface
  44. Feel My Emotions; Not Eat Them
  45. Enjoy Being Organized
  46. Feel Gratitude for My Life Just As It Is
  47. Begin Running Again
  48. Walk Miles
  49. Feel Happy
  50. Relax
  51. Smile
  52. Let Go of All that Stops Me
  53. Love
  54. Clean Up My Act and Then Let Go of My Act
  55. Walk on the Beach
  56. Build Bridges, Literally
  57. Change My Relationship with Food
  58. Pack It Up and Move to A Warmer Climate
  59. End Addictive Behaviors
  60. Create Balance
  61. Hurt from Laughing, Cry from Laughing
  62. Hike Up a Mountain
  63. Fly In My Dreams
  64. Remember Who I Am
  65. Buy Red Ruby Slippers
  66. Take A Guilt-Free Nap
  67. Sit, Stretch, Meditate Daily
  68. Take as Good Care of ME, as I Do for Others
  69. Get a Facelift (you asked, I answered) and Not Be Judged for It
  70. Hire Someone to Do Everything that I Do Not Want to Do

Tell me what YOU WANT!!!

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Spread the word–NOT the icing!

Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach™, Positarian, Author, Artist
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