Kick Tush Tues. – 7 Holiday Spending Tips

On December 4, 2012 by Janice Taylor

A gaggle of people have expressed to me either via telephone or email that they are not only fearful that their eating is going to spiral out of control during this holiday season, but their spending as well.  So, I’ve put together a few tips that I hope will serve you well!

Save Your Soul: Save Your Pocketbook

1.  Want/Buy/Forget:  Recently, the New York Times posted an art piece from Barbara Kruger, American conceptual artist, whose work primarily consists of black/white photographs overlaid with declarative captions.

“You want it” says it all, no?  As you head off on your holiday shopping extravaganza ask yourself is this gift something that falls into the “You Forget It” (or “they forget it”) category.  If yes, let that gift go!

2.  Budget the Holidaze Glaze:  Does budgeting money bring forth the same “rebellious” emotions that budgeting your calories does?  They seem so related, don’t they?  After all is said and done, when the holidaze glaze clears, you don’t want to be left with big debts and thickened waist, do you?  What to do?

3. Pay cash!  (What? What did she say? Is she crazy?)  Pull out what ever specific amount of cash you think appropriate and within your budget and use that to buy gifts.  Do NOT dip into savings.  Do NOT dip into emergency funds. No borrowing on what you think your tax return might be!  You have no idea how good you will feel come January.

4.  Review Your Gift List:  Let’s say that you have $100 to spend on 4 people.  You could divvy it up evenly or allocate different amounts to different people.  You could get creative and give of yourself:  babysitting vouchers, laundry vouchers, sex vouchers (be careful with that one).   Maybe help a friend clean out their closet or come out of the closet.

5.  Shop Wise:  There are a lot of holiday “scams” out there.  Like the ubiquitous 50% off sale.  Chances are prices are marked up at the get-go, so that they can offer a discount.   Whenever possible, research the item on-line.  You’ll find that the price of certain items ranges greatly from place to place.

6.  Do What’s Right for You:  Don’t allow others to drag you in or influence your spending. Over-spending, over-eating, over-partying can leave us stressed out, less happy, panicked, and drained, and that’s no way to end 2012 and begin 2013.

7.  Return to the Holiday Basics:  Practice spreading Love, Peace, and Good Will.

mentalCISE:  (Exercise for the mind/spirit connection.)

List five things about the holiday season that you love (that have nothing to do with spending) that you’d like to share with friends and family.  Feel free to share your 5 things on Kick in the Tush Club/Facebook!

Spread the word–NOT the icing!

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