Puzzled? How to Pet a Puppy…on National Eat Junk Food Day???

On July 21, 2014 by Janice Taylor

How to Pet a Puppy by Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Helping YOU to Rise Above and Go Beyond Your (self-imposed???) Limitations!!!

Were you aware that today is National Eat Junk Food Day? When I heard the “news,” my first thought was, “Geeze Louise, if celebrating in all out junk food style ain’t a ‘Stay Fat Strategy,’ then what is?” (If you haven’t read about Stay Fat Strategies, then read this and own up to yours!)

Instead of over-eating, over-indulging, try clicking through this week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle: How to Pet a Puppy! After all, as we all know, Happiness Is a Warm Puppy, Not a Bowl of Junk!

Remember, especially on this most bizarre of holidays, clicking burns calories. Sharing Our Lady of Weight Loss’s JigSaw Puzzles creates Good Weight Loss Karma!

The JigSaw Puzzle: “How to Pet a Puppy” puzzle.

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