Puzzled? How Heavy Is Your Mental Junk?

On September 8, 2014 by Janice Taylor

How Heavy is Your Mental Junk? By Janice Taylor, Life and Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert, Author, Artist, Positarian

The week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, “How heavy is your mental junk?” points a weighty finger at our negative thoughts, bad news, and the “He said, She said” gossip that clutters your minds, a.k.a. A.k.a. mental junk!  In answer to that question, I suspect it’s very heavy, weighty, and in your way, causing what feels like “stuckness.”

Here, a few quick do’s and dont’s from OLWL that can help you steer clear of that which creates mental junk! 

Our Lady of Weight Loss, dedicated to “lightening up” in all ways possible!

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1.  Do not watch the news, violent movies or empty calorie television shows, especially before bedtime.

2.  Do not hold on to old grudges and hurts. Let it go. All is forgiven. Move on!

3.  Do not focus on your problems. Shift your energy to helping someone else.

4.  Do not worry. There’s no point to it, and worrying is a real buzz kill.  And it is a waste of your imagination!

5.  Do read inspiration and motivational books, magazines. Keep your mind awash in positivity.

6.  Do spend some time solving crossword puzzles or number games. They exercise your brain, enabling you to learn more easily. (OLofWL provides one every Monday!)

7.  Do sit quietly, all by yourself. Ahhhhhhhh…

What might you do (or not do) today to accentuate the positive, clear out your mental junk?

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Janice Taylor, Life and Wellness Coach
Weight Loss Expert, Author, Artist, Positarian

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