#KickTushTuesday : How Is Your Prefrontal Cortex Keeping You Fat???

On January 13, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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We learn through repetition, which is why I am once again telling you to rid thyself and your home of those red-light, trigger foods. Here follows the nitty gritty of it all; the vital “How It Works” information for you to chew on and learn from.

Read this vital information.
Take it in on a cellular level.
Create a home that is in alignment with your goals.
Share the knowledge…Create a supportive world!

What is the prefrontal cortex?

The prefrontal cortex is the very front of the brain. It is located right beneath the forehead. It is in the anterior (front) region of the frontal lobes.

In the past five million years of human evolution, the size of the prefrontal cortex has increased six-fold, as compared to the brain itself, which has only increased in size about three-fold.

When I first read about the prefrontal cortex and realized that it was responsible for the following functions, I said, “Holy Guacamole! The prefrontal cortex is in charge of my permanent weight loss.”

The prefrontal cortex’s responsibilities include:

… playing umpire to your conflicting thoughts

… decision-making — between right and wrong

… as well as good and bad

… predicting future events

… inhibiting emotional urges

… inhibiting thoughts

… putting on the brakes

… conscious thinking

Pretty interesting, yes? And I’m betting each and every one of you can hear our inner umpire resolving our conflicting thoughts??? Or caving in?

It is the prefrontal cortex that determines if we are in control or not, and the prefrontal cortex is “energy hungry.” In other words, making decisions, putting the brakes on, inhibiting emotions takes energy – vast sums of energy. And … we have limited amounts of energy.

It takes far less energy to be on autopilot – far less energy to remain unconscious. It takes copious amounts of energy to be conscious and put our prefrontal cortex to “good” use.

Every time we say “no, thank you” to one of our red light foods, we use energy.   The more difficult we make this journey, the more energy we use.   The more energy we use, the more likely we are to make less than great choices; the more likely we are to turn to food when our emotions get the best of us; the more energy we use, the more likely we are to move into ‘unconscious’ behavior.

What to do? How can you make this journey easy (relatively easy)?  The more structure you can add to your plan the less conscious energy you’ll need.   The first thing, and the most important thing you can do TODAY – to make this journey easy (or easier) … IS TO … clean out your cabinets!

Is your HOME in alignment with your goals? How many times have you heard me say this? If you’ve read my books, or been in my workshops, or have read the Kick in the Tush Club e-letter, and you had enough glucose in your prefrontal cortext to remain conscious, you know how important today’s fat-blowing-lesson is to permanent fat removal.

It’s not about endless amounts of will power.  It’s about creating an environment that supports your goals. If you are surrounded by red light foods everywhere you go, your resolve will eventually go down the drain.

Chew on that as you empty your fridge, cabinets and secret hiding places of that which does not support you!

Sometimes it’s that simple!

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