Chewing the Fat: Hurt, Defeated, Depressed

Dear Our Lady of Weight Loss,   I just turned 60.  After ten...

15th Jan

Puzzled? Gumdrop Offerings?

If bitterness wants to get into the act, you just might want...

06th Jan
Gumdrops by Janice Taylor, Self-Help Artist

Post-Holiday Blues? Sniff Your Way Happy

Aromatherapy may not miraculously melt away the pounds, but there are heaps...

03rd Jan
Dog aromatherapy

How to Lose Weight: 6 Steps to a Quick Fix

Want a Quick Fix?  Of course, you do!  Who doesn’t?  For Weight...

30th Oct
einstein 2copy

Commitment: How to…Unlock theDoor of Imagination, Turn Dreams Into Reality

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the...

23rd Oct
Wednesday at the Park 2

#OneWord Thursday: Now Is the #TIME!

People say that the one thing that is getting in their way...

17th Oct

Give It Up for the Angel of Defeatism?

Just yesterday, when I took a much-needed break from working hard on...

11th Sep
ganesh 2010

#OneWord Thursday: What’s Your #Story? Your Fat #Story?

What’s your #story?  Your “I’m Fat” story?  Your “I just can’t lose...

29th Aug
Fat Suit

Easy Weight Loss: 1 Step-Change Your Relationship with Food

Our Lady of Weight Loss wants me to encourage you to think...

28th Aug
OL of Deaf Cake
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