Puzzled? Can You Wake Up Happy???

Last night, I set my internal alarm clock to “happy,” with an...

21st Apr
wake up clock

#OneWord Thursday: #Money #Money #Money … Show Me the $$$$$$

Hello Tushkateers,  This morning, I woke up with money on my mind. ...

17th Apr
african beauty

Feed Your Soul: How to Make Better Choices

Sometimes we do things, both consciously and unconsciously, that we imagine will...

02nd Apr
Peaceful Mind by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

#OneWord Thursday: #Courage…giving reality to your personal values.

This past week, while walking through a real bookstore (vs. chair or...

27th Mar
OL Moonstruck HALO

Kick Tush Tuesday: What to do when “peeved off?”

Greetings Tushkateers!  How are y’all doing on this Kick Tush Tuesday?  I’m...

25th Mar
kick in the tush club 1:2 logo

Kick Tush Tuesday: how to…Turn Dreams Into Reality

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the...

04th Feb
kick in the tush club 1-2 logo

#OneWord Thursday: Just Because You Had a #Thought Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good One

We think constantly, all the time; every second, every minute of the...

30th Jan
OL Perpetual SelfHelp 2013

Quirky Wisdom: How to Be the SMARTest SmartASS?

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be the smartest smartASS in town? There...

29th Jan
quirky wisdom lightbulb

#OneWord Thursday: How to Live in #Harmony (best small town USA)

For many #harmony is thought of as a tuneful sound, a combination...

16th Jan
Biscuit Hat w. Rabbit
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