Kick Tush Tuesday: Stressed? Irritable? Crying?

Are you stressed? Irritable? Having trouble sleeping? Do you feel like screaming?...

14th Jan
Buddha Goddess

Chewing the Fat: Our Lady of Weight serving it straight-up!

Dear Janice (a.k.a. Our Lady of Weight Loss) ~ I’m ttrryyiinngg to...

08th Jan
Letters to Our Lady of Weight Loss:  WISE, FUN and UTTERLY USEFUL ADVICE!

#OneWord Thursday: #Visualize the Fat Melting Away in Your Bathtub

Today, dear Tushkateers, devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss and those...

05th Dec
BathTub JigSaw

Kick Tush Tuesday: 4 Steps – How to Manifest Anything and Everything!

You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve...

24th Sep
kick in the tush club 1:2 logo

How Selfish are You? How Heavy is Your Guilt?

People say that they simply do not have time to take care...

18th Sep

Kick Tush Tuesday: How to End the Struggle!

Greetings, Hello, Hola, Que Pasa Tushkateers!?!  I know, I know…I wasn’t going...

27th Aug
OL of Henna Hand2

Kick Tush Tuesday: Why Breakfast?

Still skipping breakfast?  Even though the experts say, after 40 years of...

06th Aug
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Kick Tush Tuesday: 9 Most Excellent Reasons to Smile

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your...

26th Mar
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Eat This: Lose Weight – Cantaloupe and Tomato Salad

This morning, this Dysfunctional Chef (that’s me), was sort of in the...

08th Mar
dysfunctional chef copy