25 Things to Do Instead of EAT

When was the last time that you were so engrossed in an...

26th Mar
OL of Extreme Happiness 2

Kick Tush Tuesday: Is Your Motivation in the Toilet? Rejoice!

This morning, one of my star clients (you’re all stars) confessed that...

04th Mar
kick in the tush club 1:2 logo

Are You Hungry? Or, Are You Hungry?

Are you hungry?  Or, are you hungry?  And, if you are hungry;...

05th Feb
Dog Slow Down

Quirky Wisdom: How to Be the SMARTest SmartASS?

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be the smartest smartASS in town? There...

29th Jan
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Chewing the Fat: Our Lady of Weight serving it straight-up!

Dear Janice (a.k.a. Our Lady of Weight Loss) ~ I’m ttrryyiinngg to...

08th Jan
Letters to Our Lady of Weight Loss:  WISE, FUN and UTTERLY USEFUL ADVICE!

Weighty Wisdom: Your Path to Freedom

“Being diligent in your practice should not depend on your mood of...

11th Dec
Buddha Goddess 4x6

Hot off the Press: Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?

Holy Guacamole, Tushkateers!   Just the other day, I wondered aloud, “What will...

08th Dec
Bathroom Reading:  Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?  by Janice Taylor, Life Coach, 50 Pound Loser, Author, Artist

#OneWord Thursday: #Visualize the Fat Melting Away in Your Bathtub

Today, dear Tushkateers, devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss and those...

05th Dec
BathTub JigSaw

Video: How to Get Back on It and Lose It … FAST!!!

  From the Our Lady of Weight Loss archives…The perfect post and...

03rd Dec
Video:  How to Get Back on It and Lose It … FAST!!!