Eat This: Lose Weight – A Righteously Roasted Vegetable Stew

I went wild at the supermarket yesterday, filling up my cart with...

31st Jan
antioxidant girl

Eat This: Lose Weight – Thanksgiving Latkes, a MUST!

Bubala, sweetheart, darling, did you know that the first day of the...

16th Nov
dysfunctional chef copy

Sex and Food: The Power of the Poached Fig

Want to serve a desert dish that has the power to put...

04th Oct
Sex/Food:  The Power of the Poached Fig by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

Eat This: Lose Weight – Simply Sensational Salmon Salad

Our Lady of Weight Loss and I had a grueling morning.  We...

20th Sep
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Dysfunctional Chef – Eating Orange: Sweet Potato Cups

This week’s Eat This: Lose Weight recipe from your favorite Dysfunctional Chef...

13th Sep
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Easy Weight Loss: 1 Step-Change Your Relationship with Food

Our Lady of Weight Loss wants me to encourage you to think...

28th Aug
OL of Deaf Cake

Eat This: Lose Weight – Cold Cucumber Soup

This Dysfunctional Chef has been experimenting with cold cucumber soup. Woo Hoo,...

16th Aug
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6 Fun Facts: Chocolate

Remember the old days when folks thought chocolate caused acne, rotted your...

13th Aug
Ms Chocolate Chiffon

Our Lady of Weight Loss Review: Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

The PLUS:  At a mere 100 calories per pre-portioned serving, I found...

12th Aug
HealthyChoice GREEK