Serious but Not Heavy: How to Measure Success?

How do you measure success? For some people, money is a sign...

23rd Jul
Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, helping you to rise above and go beyond...

Chew On This: How Deep Does Your Fat Go?

The Iceberg Metaphor is a model that is used by behavioral scientists,...

09th Jul
How Deep Does Your Fat Go?  ~  By Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Weight Loss Expert, Positarian, Author, Artist

Anti-Gravity Wednesday: How to Strut Your Stuff On the Beach

This past weekend (yes, Memorial Day Weekend), Our Lady of Weight Loss...

28th May
"Your gain is my pain.  Contact me!" ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coaching

Puzzled? Beloved Crazy One, Experience WeightLessNess!

Dearest Tushkateers (members of the KITT Club) and Devotees of Our Lady of...

19th May
Experience WeightLessNess with Janice Taylor, our country's premiere Anti-Gravity Coach

#IAmSuffering – 3 Simple Steps to Happiness

Are You Suffering? The ‘agreed upon reality’ is that in order for...

14th May
Your Gain Is My Pain, How Can I Help You?  ~  Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, WeightLessNess Expert, Author, Artist, Positarian

#KickTush Tuesday: Any Virgins Out There???

Are there any Weight Loss Virgins amongst us?  Any Virgins out there??? ...

29th Apr
"Your gain is my pain.  Call me!" ~ Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert

Puzzled? You Can Never Lick Cake … or Can You???

Dear Tushkateers (members of the Kick in the Tush Club) and Devotees...

28th Apr
You Can Never Lick Cake ... or Can You?

6 Steps to Cool, Calm, Collected and Svelte

Did you know that your body is hereditarily designed to shift into...

09th Apr
OL Perpetual SelfHelp 2013x

KickTush Tuesday: 5 Ways to a Spectacularly Landscaped Interior

As today is #KickTush Tuesday, I’d like to give you a Kick...

08th Apr
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