Weight Loss Wisdom: All Is Forgiven, Move On?

Recently, I was speaking with a client who was very (very!) upset!...

24th Apr
balancing ACT2

Kick Tush Tuesday: True Happiness-Embrace Your Imperfections

We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks.  That’s what connects us—that we’re all...

23rd Apr
kick in the tush club 1:2 logo

Puzzled? Earth Day Buddha, “Shower with your partner.”

Today’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, “Earth Day Buddha,” celebrates Earth...

22nd Apr
Earth Day Buddha

Eat This: Lose Weight – Ribbons of Pesto Pasta

Our Lady of Weight Loss preaches to her friends, family, clients, as...

19th Apr
WEBSITE Sexy Squash

#OneWord #Destiny: Geography of Your DESTINY?

Is everything predetermined; the beginning as well as the end?  Does your...

18th Apr
destiny hand in hand

5 Reasons Your Weight Is Still a Problem

You may say that you want to tackle ‘the’ problem, solve it,...

17th Apr
want power postcard

Kick Tush Tuesday: Live in Hope, Not Fear

Dearest Tushkateers, Yesterday, after an absolutely lovely and peaceful afternoon walk through...

16th Apr
kick in the tush club 1:2 logo

Puzzled? Will It End in Mystery

“It Began in Mystery; It Will End in Mystery.“ This week’s get...

15th Apr
Mystery Buddha

Food and Sex: Do Graham Crackers Curb Sexual Tendencies?

There was a man whose name was Graham: Sylvester Graham. He was...

12th Apr
dysfunctional chef copy
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