#OneWord Thursday: “Identity” – 14 Juicy Quotes to Shape Your Story

Who are you?  What costume do you wear?   What story do you...

28th Mar
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Kick Tush Tuesday: 9 Most Excellent Reasons to Smile

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your...

26th Mar
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#OneWord Thursday: 12 Quotes that Scatter JOY!

Join with Our Lady of Weight Loss and me (Janice Taylor), as...

21st Mar
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Weight Loss Wisdom: “You deserve___________.”

Recently, a crumb-covered friend said to me, “I had a hard day. ...

20th Mar
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Spirit Story: Two Wolves – Feeding Anger

A Native American grandfather is talking to his grandson about how he...

13th Mar

Puzzeled? The Empress-Creativity, Abundance, Sensuality

How to utilize this week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, inspired...

11th Mar
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#OneWord Thursday: 7 quotes that ignite your VISION.

Your very first step toward creating a better tomorrow, your best life,...

07th Mar
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Fun: Having Any?

Honestly, I really do believe one of the reasons that I’ve been...

06th Mar
Having FUN yet?

#OneWord Thursday: 7 Quiet Quotes to Quiet

One of my favorite stories that illustrates the importance of quiet is...

21st Feb
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