Chew On This: How Deep Does Your Fat Go?

The Iceberg Metaphor is a model that is used by behavioral scientists,...

09th Jul
How Deep Does Your Fat Go?  ~  By Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Weight Loss Expert, Positarian, Author, Artist

7 Anti-Gravity Ways to Short Circuit Stress and Weight Gain

Hey there, Tushkateers* (as well as devotees of Our Lady of Weight...

11th Jun
"Ommmm" by Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Author, Artist

Hot off the Press: Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?

Holy Guacamole, Tushkateers!   Just the other day, I wondered aloud, “What will...

08th Dec
Bathroom Reading:  Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?  by Janice Taylor, Life Coach, 50 Pound Loser, Author, Artist

Download: Essential Thanksgiving Calorie Guide

  A Sinfully Satisfying “Tasting” Guide to Thanksgiving from Our Lady of...

21st Nov

Flat Belly Brain

I woke up this morning with bats in my belfry and butterflies...

20th Nov
Mind Belly Connection