Commitment: How to…Unlock theDoor of Imagination, Turn Dreams Into Reality

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the...

23rd Oct
Wednesday at the Park 2

Puzzled? Delight in All Aspects of Creation

A most excellent “Coach Yourself Happy” question from Janice Taylor, Life &...

21st Oct
abstractly so... by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

Coach Yourself Happy: 6 Ways to Create a Joyful YOU!

The first coach-yourself-happy question of the day I’d like to pose –...

16th Oct
Ommmm Morning by Janice Taylor, Happiness Coach, Weight Loss Artist

Health Benefits of Journaling: 5 Ways to Write the Pounds Away

The Journal of the American Medical Association tells us that writing about...

25th Sep
SummerTime Journal pg2

#OneWord Thursday – #Compassion: Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.

Our Lady of Weight Loss and Janice Taylor, your Life & Wellness...

19th Sep
Buddha Goddess

How Selfish are You? How Heavy is Your Guilt?

People say that they simply do not have time to take care...

18th Sep

Give It Up for the Angel of Defeatism?

Just yesterday, when I took a much-needed break from working hard on...

11th Sep
ganesh 2010

Puzzled? How to Be Extremely Happy

This week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle was inspired by “Extreme...

09th Sep
OL of Extreme Happiness 2

Puzzled? A Year of Miracles…Starts NOW!

Today’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, A Year of Miracles, was...

02nd Sep
BathTub JigSaw