Partner with Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, whose personal experience and holistic approach can help you to manifest your dreams and live the life you've imagined.

Janice’s meditations are designed to help you to relax, release, and change your mind. Download her hypnotic meditation audio files, and see what could happen!

Hypnosis can be a powerful ally in holistic weight management. It can quickly relieve the emotional issues at the root of your problem and strengthen your motivation to make better healthy living choices.

Our Lady of Weight Loss's newsletter, "Kick in the Tush Club" delivers weekly platters full of weight loss and wellness wisdom that satisfy. Slim down while you laugh it up!

Winter Weight Loss: The Freeze Your Ass Off Diet

This morning, I awoke to a ridiculously cold 13 degrees.  My first...

25th Jan
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The Hospice Diaries: Transcending the Traditional

This morning, as I lie in bed, contemplating what the next few...

17th Jan

Facing Death: 10 Life Quotes

Because my mother had a stroke last week, and she is, so...

16th Jan
Pomegranate Heart

Kick Tush Tues: 5 Ways to Be a Pillow-Offset Tough Times with Gentle Softness

When tough times come, it is particularly important to offset them with...

15th Jan

Dysfunctional Chef: you don’t have to be … EINSTEIN Tuna Casserole

In the mood for comfort food that increases brain power as it...

04th Jan

The Fat Time of Day: Here’s How Sugar Can Help???

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Case in...

02nd Jan
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New Year’s Toast: 3 Steps to Happiness

A New Year’s Toast from Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron...

01st Jan
Simply Happy

Puzzled? One Word Medtiation

Pick a word, any word.    This week’s get jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw...

31st Dec
One Word Meditation - Calm, Relaxed, Simple

Dysfunctional Chef: Slow Sexy Peppers

Imagine a platter full of stuffed red, green, yellow, and orange peppers....

28th Dec
dysfunctional chef copy
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