Healthy Living Meditations

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Sit. Breathe. Hear your heart. Allow that which guides the stars to guide you, too.

Inspiring, health-boosting, portable and FREE!

Help yourself to a sample of Janice’s most effective¬† Mind-Changing Hypno-Meditations (meditations with a hypnotic feel), created to help you change your mind and change your life.

Please find a quiet, comfortable place to “plug in;” certainly NOT while driving or operating heavy equipment (no joke)!

Note: all files are MP3 format.

2013- The Year of Radical Acceptance, Extreme Happiness, Luminous Authenticity

Creating Inner Spaciousness

Mindful Eating: The Coffee Taster

The Moso: Extraordinary Inspiration/Motivation

Meditation can …

  • Improve your concentration, which leads to a clear mind, which not only makes you feel better, but it also has a positive impact on your level of productivity
  • Help you to be less bothered by the small and meaningless things in life that our mind tends to magnify
  • Reduce stress levels and lessen anxiety, which helps to alleviate emotional eating
  • Help you to tap into your inner force and show you better how to use it
  • Create health

Customized¬† hypno-meditations are a part of Janice’s coaching services.

To schedule a free consult, contact Janice: / 917.312.0005

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