Janice has written two of the best permanent weight loss books you’ll ever find!

OLofWL is on Oprah’s reading list, self-help section!

1. Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal

As millions of women can attest, losing weight is hard work, and even the most resolute of dieters often fail. What’s missing from nearly every diet program is the support and humor women need to keep on track and lose those pounds for good.

Here, Our Lady of Weight Loss—the patron saint of dieting—comes to the rescue with miraculous motivation for all!

In this unique book, Our Lady shares her tried-and-true gospel of weight loss guaranteed to lift readers’ spirits and finally make dieting fun.

A fat-free, calorie-free, carb-free, guilt-free helping of divine inspiration, Our Lady of Weight Loss is the ultimate cheerleader for women everywhere and the best friend who will keep them on course even when the brownies beckon like a siren.

With the help of Our Lady readers will:

  • Stay inspired with “motivational musings” and tips
  • Curb their cravings and keep their creative appetite satisfied with “pious projects”
  • Confess their chocolate or french fry transgressions and move on
  • Indulge in healthy and simple “righteous recipes”

Part art object, part craft project, part bedside companion, and part cookbook, the Our Lady of Weight Loss books are perfect for any woman following a diet program and still searching for her “thinner core.”

Quirky and soulful, with gorgeous four-color artwork throughout, these book will keep readers laughing on the rocky road to sveltesville and change their relationship with food forever.

This book is available at:

“Janice Taylor is a kooky kind of genius.” – O Magazine

“Many diet and exercise books lack two ingredients: humor and creativity. If those are missing from your current slim-down regimen, seek out Our Lady of Weight Loss.” – LA Times

“The best makeovers begin from the inside out. Positive change comes from positive actions. Our Lady of Weight Loss links laughter to self-worth. It makes the phrase “lighten up” quite literal.”- Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

The road to sveltesville is paved with Our Lady wisdom!

2. All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville

In Our Lady of Weight Loss, Janice Taylor put a new, creative spin on weight loss, offering humor and art projects to make slimming down fun. Now, in All Is Forgiven, Move On, Taylor takes us on a journey to Sveltesville, the magical place where we can free ourselves from the food and weight madness for good.

As Taylor explains, to change our bodies we need to radically shift our attitude, get out of our rutsforgive ourselves for past sins, and move on with a positive outlook.

She offers 101 forgiving, fun, and fat-burning steps along the road to weight loss to help readers recharge and stay inspired when the journey gets rocky. Each step ends with a ‘new point of view,’ a fresh perspective on weight loss, and includes advice and activities such as:

  • “I Can” mental exercises to keep you confidently on track
  • Fuel stops: indulgent healthy recipes to keep your body moving
  • Fashion stops: for looking your glamorous best while shedding pounds
  • Creativity curves: mind-bending activities to keep your perspective expanding

All Is Forgiven, Move On is not just a road map for weight loss.  It is a journey of reinvention where food is not the main course. With gorgeous and uplifting four-color artwork throughout, this book is for anyone who is ready to make this time the time and reach Sveltesville once and for all.

This book is available at:

“A great mix of tips, tricks, and anecdotes, All is Forgiven, Move On has excellent ideas for your weight loss journey and for improving your life along the way!”- Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., author of The Beck Diet Solution

“Can you lose weight from sheer wackiness? After leafing through Janice Taylor’s …compendium of dieting revelations and multicolored inspirational collages, you won’t want to rule it out.” – The New York Times

“Our Lady of Weight Loss is like a really good motivational dieting coach that could possibly need to be locked up in a mental institution, but you don’t care because she is so good.”-

“This empowering book’s underlying theme is one of self-care.” – Library Journal


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