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Healthy Living Meditations

Tasty Tidbits of Weight Loss & Wellness Wisdom for the Road

Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

Janice’s Healthy Living Meditations are designed to help you to relax, release, and change your mind.  Download her hypnotic meditation audio files, and see what could happen!  Visit: Healthy Living Meditations

Inspirational Videos

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?  Are you in need of an inspired and inspirational lift?

Janice has created a series of Weight Loss Videos that motivate, inspire and best of all lead to laughter! Big laughter! Visit:  Inspirational Videos

Utterly Useful Materials

Janice has put together a full body of utterly useful materials that are sure to help you on your journey.  Your weight loss journey; your life journey.

From 100 Ways to Feed Your Soul to Righteous Recipes, from 21 Weight Loss Success Questions that are sure to change your mental map to articles that Feed the Mind.  Visit: Utterly Useful Materials

Kick in the Tush Club

The Kick in the Tush Club is a place where lighthearted, friendly folk, gather online to chew the fat, dish the dirt, and spread good cheer…and give each other a gentle kick in the tush when needed!

To receive your free (weekly) Kick in the Tush and for access to the KITT Club Newsletter Archives 2012, visit:  Kick in the Tush Club

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