Anti-Gravity Song of the Week: Miranda Lambert’s Gravity Is a Bitch

Hey Y’all,  I was riding buckshot (Is that the expression? When you...

07th Jun
Sometimes You've Got To Zig Before You Zag by Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Author, Artist

10 Anti-Gravity Quotes that Lighten: Clutter Is Stuck Energy

Continuing with this week’s wildly popular “Kick Tush Tuesday: Decluttering with the...

05th Jun
Empty Mind

#OneWord: 13 #Maya Angelou Quotes to Live By

The news that Maya Angelou died at her home in Winston-Salem, North...

29th May
"yellow" by janice taylor, anti-gravity coach, positarian, author, artist

Anti-Gravity Wednesday: How to Strut Your Stuff On the Beach

This past weekend (yes, Memorial Day Weekend), Our Lady of Weight Loss...

28th May
"Your gain is my pain.  Contact me!" ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coaching

#OneWord Thursday: Step Into a Square of #Sunshine

Dearest Tushkateers,  I find myself, today, sitting under gray. No floating clouds,...

22nd May
Step Into a Square of Sunshine by Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Artist, Author

#OneWord Thursday: #Kindness – No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving

While this city girl was driving the local highways in her dual...

01st May
Our Lady of Perpetual Kindness by Janice Taylor, Self-Help Artist, Positarian

#OneWord Thursday – Manifesting #Blessings

One of the things we have been exploring this week (exploring vs....

24th Apr
Manifesting #Blessings photograph by Janice Taylor, Weight-Loss / Self-Help Artist

Puzzled? Can You Wake Up Happy???

Last night, I set my internal alarm clock to “happy,” with an...

21st Apr
wake up clock

#OneWord Thursday: #Money #Money #Money … Show Me the $$$$$$

Hello Tushkateers,  This morning, I woke up with money on my mind. ...

17th Apr
african beauty
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