Puzzled? Tax Day Full Moon Money Ritual…Show Me the Money!

This week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, “In Our Lady We...

14th Apr
Money Ritual TRUST in OLofWL

#OneWord Thursday: #Courage…giving reality to your personal values.

This past week, while walking through a real bookstore (vs. chair or...

27th Mar
OL Moonstruck HALO

25 Things to Do Instead of EAT

When was the last time that you were so engrossed in an...

26th Mar
OL of Extreme Happiness 2

#OneWord Thursday: Infusion of #Positivity

  Our Lady of Weight Lossthought that y’all might want an infusion...

09th Jan
ZigZagging Thru Life, by Janice Taylor, Self-Help Artist, Positarian

Puzzled? Floating Mary…being nice?

“I wasn’t raised Catholic; I just really like the image of a...

30th Dec
Catholic Moby

Hot off the Press: Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?

Holy Guacamole, Tushkateers!   Just the other day, I wondered aloud, “What will...

08th Dec
Bathroom Reading:  Microsoft Bra Ends Emotional Eating?  by Janice Taylor, Life Coach, 50 Pound Loser, Author, Artist

Puzzled? 9 Tips: How to Be Holiday Sexy

Are you feeling 5 Minutes to Never Sexy?  After the biggest food...

02nd Dec
5 Minutes to Never Sexy

Gratitude: Thanksgiving Side Dish or Main Dish?

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Chanukah, Happy Thanksgiviukkah one and all!!!  As Thanksgiving is...

28th Nov

How Selfish are You? How Heavy is Your Guilt?

People say that they simply do not have time to take care...

18th Sep
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