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On March 27, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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I’ve been thinking about the color yellow. It started when I randomly tossed a throw pillow on the chair. The yellow perked up the browns, was a great contrast to the purples, and it left me wanting more. More yellow. It was the mother of all aHa decorating moments. Seriously!

I asked myself a few deep philosophical as well as practical questions: “Where else can you add yellow accents?”

“When is too much yellow too much?”

The questions, the answers, the quest for yellow ultimately led me to quotes about the color yellow. No point in trying to follow my thinking, but do read on and imagine how adding just a few yellow accents in your life might change it!

Here’s to a brighter, sunnier day!

Quotes About the Color Yellow

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun. ~ Pablo Picasso

I just go with the flow; I follow the yellow brick road. I don’t know where it’s going to lead me, but I follow it. ~ Grace Jones

The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with base notes, or dark lake with the treble. ~ Wassily Kandinsky

The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens
Flowering over the skin. ~ Wallace Stevens

The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick. ~ L. Frank Baum

We made love like green is blue. That’s because we were only half into, though for the recor I was the blue and she was the disinterested yellow. ~ Dark Jar Tin Zoo

Yellow is a very favorable vibration for mental or intellectual activity, as it promotes a clear state of mind. Yellow heightens your awareness and alleviates depression, sadness, or any kind of despondency. Yellow vibration foods are: pineapples, bananas, grapefruit, lemons and corn. ~ Tae Yum Kim

Make sure that when you look at your plate, it’s a beautiful blank canvas to start with, and you want lots of color on there. You want to make sure you have whole grains and protein. It should not be beige in color; it should be green and bright red, and orange and yellow. ~ Summer Sanders

Fame stole my yellow. Yellow is the color you get when you’re real and brutally honest. Yellow is with my kids …. The bundle of bright yellow warming my core, formerly frozen and uninhabitable …. They got yellow from me, and I felt yellow giving it to them and it was all good …. So, why am I leaving my show? It took my yellow. I wanted it back. Without it I can’t live. The gray kills me. ~ Rosie O’Donnell

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.” ~ A.A. Milne

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Yours in Buttercup Yellow,
Janny Taylor

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