#KickTush Tuesday: Are YOU Drowning in Drama?

On December 30, 2014 by Janice Taylor

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Tushkateers, 2015 is but hours away. The New Year is upon us! And I am wondering if you are beginning to look back on 2014, with kindness of course, and deciding what you’d like to work on, change, and/or manifest.

Even though the statistics suggest that more than half of those who set goals fall of the resolution bandwagon by mid-February, I say let’s go for it, anyway.

But this time, let’s be smart about it! Let’s start with one resolution, a simple one. One that will have a positive ripple effect on your entire life, not just the weight loss segment of your life.

And what is this one simple thing? Letting go of the drama. Think for a moment about how “drama” gets in your way of weighing less and/or having more.

Here, is the basic “Steer Clear of the Drama” model. Read through and then notice how much drama you are adding to your life and how it is weighing you down, down, down and stopping you from manifesting your dreams.







An Example of How This WORKS!

First we do a bit of VISIONING:
Q: What are you working toward?
A: A healthy lifestyle.

Followed by PLANNING:
Q: How are you going to create a healthy lifestyle?
A: Eating healthfully is one step.

Q: What are the DETAILS of your plan?
A: I will go to the store today and stock up on healthy foods.

Here comes the water line:

Ought oh … you are about to step into deep waters.

You came up with a simple plan. (See Details above)
But your mind won’t just go along with the plan, the details. Your mind in all likelihood will begin to list some seemingly sold reasons why you cannot go to the store today.

Your mind creates a stack of problems, negative thinking, and before you know it you have created a whirlpool of drama that keeps pulling you down, down, down away from your goals.

You are now drowning in drama!

Imagine pushing yourself up from under. As you begin to emerge from the “water,” let go of your dramatic excuses, move back into visioning, back to creating and following your plan.

Sometimes it’s that simple!

I invite you to join with me as we ring in a drama-free New Year.

Spread the drama-free word—NOT the icing!


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