Coach Yourself Thinnish: 4-Step Guide to a Less-Problematic Life

On April 23, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Just for a moment, imagine what your life might look like, sound like, feel like…even taste like…if your biggest challenge(s) no longer existed. They are not a part of your psyche, nor a part of your every day life.

That’s right. I am inviting you to experience your life without this particular problem. I am inviting you to look beyond the struggle; beyond the optional suffering.

Consider what your life might be like:
What if your weight were no longer a problem?
What if your penchant toward perfectionism no longer existed?
What if there was no clutter? No mental clutter; no actual clutter?
Name your problem: _____________________________

Here, a 4-Step Guide to a Less-Problematic Life

  1. Name the problem
  2. Imagine that this challenge no longer exists
  3. Stay with that feeling
  4. And now you can easily and effortlessly take simple steps to resolve and let go of said problem, thus creating a less-problematic life.

Sometimes it’s just that simple!

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Janny Taylor

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