Eat This: Lose Weight – Zucchini Noodles and Garbanzo Bean Salad

I’ve gone mad with power, “spiralizing” my way through the kitchen.   Cucumber...

26th Jul
Eat Healthy! w/ Janice Taylor, your favorite Dysfunctional Chef.

Eat This: Lose Weight – Lentil Stew over Basmati

Hey there, Tushkateers!  We had a little dinner party last weekend with...

28th Mar
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This: Lose Weight – Crunchy, Sexy Broccoli Salad

Last weekend, we (DH and I) were invited to a Garden Party! ...

24th May
dysfunctional chef copy

Eat This, Lose Weight: Cinco de Mayo Beans n’ Rice

Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862...

26th Apr
Cinco de Mayo by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist (making art about food instead of eating it)

Eat This: Lose Weight – Ribbons of Pesto Pasta

Our Lady of Weight Loss preaches to her friends, family, clients, as...

19th Apr
WEBSITE Sexy Squash

Dysfunctional Chef: Creamy Squash n’ Corn Casserole – a.k.a. Yellow Mellow Blend

Eat This: Lose Weight! Heavy in comfort, low in calories, this recipe...

01st Mar
dysfunctional chef copy
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