#KickTushTuesday: Spinning Out of Control?

Happy #KickTushTuesday, #Tushkateers! During this holiday season, people are reaching out to...

09th Dec
Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach says, "Come fly with me!"

#OneWord Thursday: just #Sitting?

If you are feeling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season...

12th Dec
Enlightened Dog #Sitting by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

Puzzled? How to Survive Thanksgiving…The Last Temptation?

Thanksgiving is coming…fast!  A mere 10 days from now you will more...

18th Nov
The Last Temptation by Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Artist

Give It Up for the Angel of Defeatism?

Just yesterday, when I took a much-needed break from working hard on...

11th Sep
ganesh 2010

Puzzled? How to Be Extremely Happy

This week’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle was inspired by “Extreme...

09th Sep
OL of Extreme Happiness 2

Puzzled? A Year of Miracles…Starts NOW!

Today’s Get Jiggy Weight Loss JigSaw Puzzle, A Year of Miracles, was...

02nd Sep
BathTub JigSaw

#OneWord Thursday: What’s Your #Story? Your Fat #Story?

What’s your #story?  Your “I’m Fat” story?  Your “I just can’t lose...

29th Aug
Fat Suit

Easy Weight Loss: 1 Step-Change Your Relationship with Food

Our Lady of Weight Loss wants me to encourage you to think...

28th Aug
OL of Deaf Cake

Kick Tush Tuesday: How to End the Struggle!

Greetings, Hello, Hola, Que Pasa Tushkateers!?!  I know, I know…I wasn’t going...

27th Aug
OL of Henna Hand2
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