Screw the Damn Scale: 6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

On August 19, 2015 by Janice Taylor

How many of y’all weigh yourself the minute your feet hit the floor in the morning? Needless to say, if you are going to weigh yourself, do it first thing in the morning, when you are on “empty” … before you drink, eat or even breathe in too much air! And – oh sure – be sure to find the right spot on the floor. Note the number on the scales of injustice and then people … move on.

If the number is on the low side, note it. If the number is on the high side, note it. Don’t give it too much juice either way. The numbers can be and are deceptive. They can bounce as much as 5 pounds in one day.

Remembering that a pound equals 3,500 calories, could you have eaten over 17,000 extra calories in one day? Hmmmmm … Not likely, even on a major binge. No one gains or loses 5 pounds in one day. But you’re still likely to hold onto that number and sink with it.

Does the love/hate relationship you have with the scale ever help you to lose weight? Doubtful! You are either feeling bad from a “bad” weigh-in or falsely elated!

It is vitally important to remember that you are more than a number on the scale. You might want to focus instead, on how you are feeling emotionally, on all the positive changes that you are making, on how you are beginning to feel different about yourself. You cannot weigh your self-esteem.

When you weigh yourself, whether it’s daily or weekly or monthly, at the same time, build your self-confidence.

Here’s how!

Screw the Bathroom Scale: 6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

  1. Take a deep breath.

Staying relaxed and being laid-back in general can help you see the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff so much. It’s also a good frame of mind to be in when you’re taking a close look at the things you’re not so good at.

  1. Take inventory of your strengths.

Everybody’s good at something, and many people are good at quite a few things. Even if you don’t have a talent or strength that you’re aware of, you probably have some interests you can develop into strengths.

Make a list of a few things you’re good at and a few things you’re interested in and would like to be better at. Share this list with your parents, an aunt or uncle, or a teacher you like and trust. They can probably help you find other things you’re good at, too, and help you come up with a plan for developing other skills and interests.

  1. Realize your limits.

Nobody’s perfect — not even close. It may not always seem this way, but it’s true. So if you weren’t born a good singer, a super athlete or an “A” student, that’s OK. You have a personality and a perspective on the world that’s all yours and entirely valuable.

  1. Stop putting yourself down. Now!

One of the biggest things that keeps people from achieving their goals — and feeling good about themselves — is negative self-talk. In other words, telling yourself that you’re a loser or a failure puts a big damper on your ability to get what you want and be who you want to be.

If you don’t do well at a particular project or task, it doesn’t mean that you never will. Perhaps you weren’t prepared or the time simply wasn’t right. It doesn’t mean that you’re a lousy human being or that you’ll never succeed. It’s OK to be upset for a bit when things don’t go your way, but after a little while, let it go and move on. You’ll be that much closer to achieving what you want if you do.

  1. Celebrate progress and small victories.

Did you pass your driver’s test or give a killer speech despite feeling nervous? Did you go to the supermarket and load up on fruits and veggies? Give credit where credit’s due: You did it, and you rule! And guess what? You can tackle bigger, harder projects, too.

  1. Pat yourself on the back every day.

Find a few small things that you did well each day. Whether it’s waking up on time, smiling at the dorky hall monitor or sending a card to your grandmother, a lot of good can be accomplished in one day — and it’s something to take pride in.

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