#KickTushTuesday: Spinning Out of Control?

On December 9, 2014 by Janice Taylor

Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach says, “Come fly with me!”

Happy #KickTushTuesday, #Tushkateers! During this holiday season, people are reaching out to me, reporting in and letting me know that they feel “Out of Control!”  Seriously OOC (a new diagnosis for the DSM5?) due to the food, stress and happiness of the holiday season. Oh yes, happiness can push us OOC, too! Here’s an email from Tushkateer Joanie that says it all!  Read, ingest, gain control, lose weight!  Sometimes it’s that easy! :)

* * *

Dear Janice, I am OUT of CONTROL. Honestly … OUT OF CONTROL. I did lose 21 pounds some time ago but have gained nearly all of those 21 pounds back. I Have NO CONTROL. I am OUT of CONTROL. Yes, I am yelling, because I am freaking out. I eat whatever, whenever. Please HELP me to regain control (and lose those pounds that drag me down. ~ Joanie C.

Dear Joanie, In order to permanently remove excess weight we need to change our internal landscape (I don’t mean move your stomach to a new location).

Here are 5 few tips on how to change your thoughts, your language, your state of mind, and your weight!

1. Watch and become aware of your language. If you say, “I am OUT of CONTROL, ” you are out of control and reinforcing that belief.

2. Let go of “the WHY of it.” Asking WHY questions … “Why am I doing this?” “Why me?” may well yield an answer, but not necessarily a strategy to effect change.

3. Ask yourself, “WHAT can I do to move forward? ” And then ask yourself “What else can I do? What else? What else can I do?” Make a list of ten actions that can and will move your forward.

4. Steer clear of the DRAMA . When you hear yourself saying “The problem is …” watch out! Your drama is fast approaching. “The problem is that I can’t find a job, because I can’t buy a suit, because I don’t have the money, because my husband left me and took the piggy bank with him, because he was a misery … ” Got it? DRAMA drains our energy and moves us away from implementing positive change.

5. And finally for Joanie and anyone out there who thinks that they are out of control … If there is no food in your mouth right now – you are back in control. If there is food in your mouth … spit it out …and you are back in control. Either way, you are okay, you are in control.

Remember Tushkateers, you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Listen to your thoughts, hear what you are saying, tweak ‘em, turn them around, and then you can more easily and effortlessly change your mind, and your weight and your life!   Sometimes…it’s that simple!

Spread the word–NOT the icing!


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