#KickTushTuesday: How to … Show Up and Lose It!

On April 28, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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How will YOU Show UP Today?  How will YOU Create Your Today?  Weight questions, indeed!

While food is obviously an integral part of permanent weight removal (a.k.a. weight loss, slimming down), the secret to your success is heavily linked to how you show up.  Are you focused, scattered, mindful, numb, committed, determined, happy, sad, defeated, joyful, discouraged?  How you show up matters!

First thing in the morning, before your mind is hijacked by your thoughts, as your tea or coffee is brewing, sit down, grab a pen and scribble a few encouraging words in your “Showing Up” journal (or on a piece of paper, or on a napkin…just do it).

You can bring your attention to your fingers. Become aware of the feel of the pen, relax your muscles, and carefully write and connect to these words:   “How … WILL … I … Show … Up … Today?”

How WILL I Show Up Today? is a very powerful question. There’s no yes or no in it; there’s no right or wrong in it. And on a subconscious level, the words WILL I … imply that you will yourself to and you will … show up … today. The writing of the question taps into your subconscious mind, which then sends the answers straight through your fingers, through the pen, onto the page.

Do not think; just be present with the pen and write. Showing Up may look different from day to day and that’s okay, because each day is different and brings forth different resources that live within.

How you show up informs how you will create your day.

Show Up! and lose it…
Sometimes it’s just that simple!

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