#KickTushTuesday – How Heavy Are Your EXCUSES, EXCUSES???

On January 27, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Good Day Tushkateers, Devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss and those who have serendipitously and spontaneously arrived here, on this page…Divine intervention at its best!  (I digress, wander and deviate from the point once again!)  We are here today to talk about EXCUSES, EXCUSES!  (Next week PROMISES, PROMISES) :)

And how you may be filling up on Excuses!!!  Chew on that!

Call for EXCUSES:  Keeping in mind that there are reasons and then there are excuses and that what may be a valid reason for one person may be an excuse for another, tell us … what’s your excuse?   Or-more aptly, what are your excuses (in the plural)?

“If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.” ~ Yiddish proverb

List your excuses and share with Our Lady of Weight Loss, Tushkateers (members of Our Lady’s club, the Kick in the Tush Club/FB) from across the land.

And then pick one excuse and drop it!  Boom! Just like that!!!  Age is an easy one.  “I’m 20 (HA!) and my metabolism just ain’t what it used to be.  Pass the chocolate covered cherries!”  Drop the Excuse.  Stop Filling Up on Excuses!

Sometimes it’s just that simple…

Spread the word…NOT the icing!

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