#KickTush Tuesday: It’s NOT about your fat…it IS about your LIFE!

On April 7, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Just the other day, I was talking to a client and sharing the metaphor some of you may have read in my book All Is Forgiven, Move On or heard me speak about on the radio. I thought it worth reviewing today and taking it one step further.  Ready? Good!

Have you ever watched an Olympic swimmer push off the side of the pool? It is quite amazing, isn’t it? The thrust, the power, their determination is enormous. Often the strength of this one solitary push can propel the Olympian right straight into the middle of the Olympic-sized pool.

When we decide to go on a ‘diet,’ we essentially push off from the side of the ‘pool of discontent.’ We gather a vast amount of energy from not liking ourselves, being disgusted, and ashamed of how we look. We don’t like ourselves; do we? No, we sure don’t.

Sometimes this energy takes us half way to our goal weight. Sometimes all the way … 10, 20, 30, 100, 200 pounds lost. Then what?

Unlike the Olympic swimmer who has a plan; who is moving toward her big win; who sees herself as a champion and knows with every cell and fiber of her being that she is the victor, we only know ourselves to be losers. We are basing this attempt on past attempts to lose, which have failed.

It is easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are going. If you want to be victorious at the game of Permanent Fat Removal, then you need to have a compelling future. You need to have a plan that says, “This is what I am aiming for; this is the direction in which I am going. This is what I want; this is what removing those excess pounds mean to me.”

The diet and exercise plans do not live alone. This is a holistic event.

It’s about your life, not your fat.

Where are you going?
What is your compelling future?
It’s not about just losing weight, is it?

As human beings, we are generally either for or against something; we are moving toward or away from something. As is the case with the swimmer and the dieter; the swimmer is moving toward her victory, the dieter is moving away from discontent, self-loathing, and unhappiness – a variety of negative feelings.

No one I know has ever woken up and said whoopee, “I’m fatter than ever. Think I’ll go on a diet!” Moving toward something or being for something is far more motivating and powerful when it comes to inspiring change than pushing away from something. Think about that for a moment in terms of your inspiring your own change and motivating yourself.

When moving toward something, as if by magic, a compelling energy ignites. The powerful energy flows from your constructive core; from your positive intentions.

When you are for something, there is an air of optimism that surrounds it. When you are for something your positively charged energy ripples out into the universe and the possibility of transformation exists – not just for you – but also on a global scale.

Your positive thoughts and actions, which represent your values, are in a sense bigger than you are. They ripple out into the universe. Did you hear that? I’ll say it again – your positive thoughts and actions not only have an effect on you, but they also ripple out into the universe. The possibility of transformation exists – on a global scale.

I know I am repeating myself; but I really want to make this point.
You are bigger (in the best possible way) than you.

What are you for?
How will you move toward it today?

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