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On March 4, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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In their infinite wisdom, has published a spectacular gallery piece (if I say so myself) that features 10 Ways to Curb, Conquer and Control Nighttime Eating, which is a weighty topic, for sure! 

Many people say that they stay happily on their ‘healthy lifestyle path,’ until the sun goes down. That’s when the demons come out in full force, tempting, teasing and pulling them mindlessly into the kitchen. Mindless being the operative word here. They awake from their stupor covered in crumbs, and they wonder, “Where did my focus, determination and resolve go? Who was that alien that took me over?”

Mindless eating occurs primarily at night, after dinner, when — after a long, sometimes difficult day — you sit down and relax. What to do? Understand it and plan for it! Here are ten ways to help curb, conquer and control nighttime eating.

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