Best Weight Loss Tips: 20 Minutes to Heaven or Hell…You Decide!

On January 21, 2015 by Janice Taylor

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Did you know?  It takes 20 minutes before our brain catches up to our stomach and realizes that it’s full.  When we down the vittles fast, our brain doesn’t realize that we’ve ingested 800 calories (or more) in under three minutes. The brain thinks we are still in need of nourishment.  The brain thinks, “Hungry. Keep eating.”  And so…we do! (Ugh and Oy!)

Do you realize how much damage you can do in 20 minutes?  Not only can eating fast lead to weight gain, but it puts us at risk for acid reflux and choking! (Oh My!)

What to do? 

Slow down and eat with mindfulness. Savor the flavor!

That means no reading or watching television while eating, or talking on the phone.  Eating with mindfulness can help us to taste and enjoy our meal, while at the same time the stress from our day dissipates into the universe.

Sometimes it’s just that simple!

Mindfully yours,


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